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Welcome to the OOISHI HONKE homepage. 
We treasure our traditional recipe and are sure to make every single Narikin-Manju with all of our heart. 
The main feature of our Narikin-Manju is the presence of firm beans within the anko (white bean paste). 
Please come, and enjoy our traditional taste.

What's Narikin-Manju?

A simple explanation is that it is sweet white bean paste sandwiched by pancakes. 
It is branded with a twisted plum flower.

  Its appearance is very similar to Dorayaki, but Narikin-Manju are unique for having firm beans with the texture of chestnuts within the anko.

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Origin of Narikin-Manju

here are various stories, but the word Narikin (Nari = become, Kin = Gold) came from the Japanese chess game Shogi.  
At a certain point in the game, the lowest ranking pieces become gold,

representing their status as overnight millionaires.  During the middle of the Meiji era (1868-1912),
Nogata city was a well known coal-mining village. 

Sweet snacks were loved by the residents, especially the miners. 
Typically, the outside of sweet snacks like Manju are bigger than the inside because the inner ingredients usually cost more. 
But the opposite is true with Narikin-Manju\the inside has a larger volume than the outside. 

Miners wished that they too could become Narikin (overnight millionaires) and be able to enjoy sweets with more filling. 

Based on this story, the manju with lots of filling was named Narikin-Manju.

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